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A lot has happened since the inaugural block of Bitcoin was mined back in January 2009. Innumerable blockchain-based projects are now in existence, and the world as we know it has changed forever!

With the immense power of the blockchain technology comes the tremendous responsibility to make the most out of the opportunities presented. Much good has happened and new ways of improving our lives emerged, from lightning-fast financial transactions to the intricately sophisticated "internet of things." Yet, important opportunities for improvement exist. For example, do we really need 2,000-watt devices, running 24 hours a day, across countless "crypto farms"? Or perhaps the issue of unethical use of cryptocurrencies to avoid one's societal responsibilities.

The inception of our group - Leaders and advocates of various blockchain projects - Is a response to what we perceive as the prevalent misuse of precious resources, unethical behaviors, unchecked greed, short-term thinking, and lack of regard for the planetary environmental impact of energy-hungry cryptocurrency ventures.

Taken collectively, abandoned cryptocurrency projects contribute significantly to global warming and lost productivity.  Our group's stance is clear: We have plenty of well-working blockchain projects, yet innumerable new projects are being created on daily basis, many for dubious purposes. We need to wake up as a global community!

Below are the key elements of our Cryptocurrency Leadership Charter, fully embraced by, and voluntarily agreed upon, all participating projects:

1) Together we are stronger: Despite the highly competitive cryptocurrency space, existing projects are more likely to sustainably thrive by helping each other out.

2) We are ethical and fair:  Our members pledge to follow sound business ethics, do what is right, and be fair to all stakeholders.

3) Short-term thinking is unacceptable: For every "short-term play" there will be "long-term interest to pay." We will never "pump and dump" crypto assets. In fact, our goal is to provide a counterbalance to harmful speculators.

4) We stand by and defend each other's projects: Our group is proud of the camaraderie present within our ranks. We will stand by and defend each other. We have each other's back!

5) Each project is independent at its core: Participating projects are fully independent and participate purely on voluntary basis. This means that projects are free to choose how they collaborate, implement, and enforce any group decisions.

6) We share resources: When mutually beneficial, participating projects are encouraged to share resources, whether it be programming or blockchain security expertise, or perhaps shared exchange and/or monetization platforms.

7) We promote responsible and sustainable growth: Candidate projects are evaluated by our group for their readiness to embrace collaborative spirit of EWMCI's Leadership Alliance. Emphasis is placed on blockchain security (e.g., merge-mining, multi-algorithm approaches) and environmentally friendly approaches (e.g., CPU mining, hive mining, merge-mining, minting/staking). We then vote for the top candidates.

8) We care about the environment: It is increasingly apparent that "old-fashioned" cryptocurrency mining is contributing to tremendous inefficiencies in how we use precious resources, such as energy and means of producing energy. This harms our societies by driving prices of electricity to new highs and by generating unnecessarily large amounts of greenhouse emissions. Our group is all about curbing this abusive paradigm - by preserving existing blockchains (and thus the energy used to generate them) and by encouraging our members to move away from energy-hungry methods of blockchain propagation.

9) We advocate for each other: Our communities help each other by engaging actively in projects, social media discourse, and other forms of participation. When necessary, the group may consider rescuing a meritorious project in distress.

10) We create a safer crypto environment: By vetting our participating projects, exchanges, wallets, and other infrastructure elements, we are able to provide the end-user with superior value, quality standards, and ultimately build the kind of trust one expects of a highly reputable industry.


*VIRES IN NUMERIS = STRENGTH IN NUMBERS; *BASED ON ESTIMATES FROM 2019-Oct-18; Previous rank #123 (2019-Aug-16)




Symbol: AUR

One of the oldest and most secure blockchains; National cryptocurrency for Iceland

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Symbol: DGC

 DigitalCoin is a decentralized P-2-P cryptographic currency that is not controlled by any central authority. It is designed for transaction speed, security, stability, and ease of use.

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Litecoin Cash


 Symbol: LCC

SHA-256 fork of Litecoin; Introduced highly innovative hybrid (a.k.a., "hive") mining

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 Symbol: LYNX

Eco-friendly cryptocurrency with globally sustainable network; Special focus on application integration

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 Symbol: NVC

 Novacoin is the coin of the future.  Its use of both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake for block generation with separated target limits make it truly unique 

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  Symbol: TRC

 Created on Oct 26th, 2012, TRC is one of the oldest cryptocoins in  existence. Our Foundation is dedicated  to helping the world through donations. Decentralized governance allows masternode owners to shape TRC's future. 

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 Symbol: UIS

Ultra secure, energy efficient blockchain, with focus on providing high quality experience for the end-user

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Symbol: ZET

An open source cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin code. It features fast transaction times & difficulty adjustments. Initial coin mining is 160 million coins, thereafter annual inflation of 1 million coins. 

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Our guiding principles are clearly reflected - Ethics, integrity, quality, value, and trust!


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These sites provide fundamental market analysis, price, volume and market cap information. In addition, some may track community growth, open-source code development, major events / on-chain metrics. 

In general, there is some heterogeneity among the three, and we recommend cross-checking listed data.



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Core principles

  • Focus on security, safety and regulation
  • Customer should be in charge of own finances
  • Care about people, communities, and the planet

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