EWMCI provides the following services:

1) Diversified cryptocurrency tracking indices, stratified according to market capitalization into large (Gold) / medium (Silver) / and small-cap (Bronze) groupings

2) Membership services for coin projects participating in the EWMCI Leadership Alliance

3) Cryptocurrency project education in the form of newsletters

EWMCI is proud to introduce our three cryptocurrency tracking indices: Gold (Formerly Large Cap); Silver (Formerly Mid Cap); and Bronze (Formerly Micro & Small Cap).

Because  long-term, distraction-free investment strategies are critical to  financial sustainability, we will be updating our indices only once a  week (Friday or Saturday). Re-balancing of our tracked portfolios will  take place on quarterly basis.

We  believe that one of the key applications of cryptography-based  financial assets (CBFA) is blockchain-verified, secure storage of  wealth. In addition, a diversified portfolio may provide some advantages  over single-asset strategy. 

Designed  to minimize overall portfolio volatility and optimize value, our  indices uniquely feature both a fixed cash position and precious metal  (gold, palladium, platinum, and silver) positions.

Our Expertise

Our  team has years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Using our  expertise, we conducted functional testing on all CBFA included in our  tracking indices. As such, component assets must meet or exceed the  following criteria set forth by our research team:  

1) Evidence of active project community involvement: The more active the community, the better. The presence of stated purpose and a published White Paper are considered to be strong “positives”. Defunct websites and unresponsive development teams are considered “red flags”

2) Evidence of project focus on blockchain security: This may take different, project-specific forms, such as “The Hive” introduced by LiteCoin Cash Foundation, multi-algorithm mining (e.g., AuroraCoin, Digibyte or DigitalCoin), and merge-mining strategies (e.g., NameCoin, ViaCoin, Unitus). All of the above reduce, but do not completely eliminate, the risk of a successful malignant attack on the corresponding blockchain and/or infrastructure. Project leadership response to security events is also closely watched by our team.

3) Ease of mining / staking: This is a critical component of any well-functioning blockchain-based project. Our team periodically points hashing equipment at different mining pools dedicated to CBFA featured in our indices. Same is done for staking. Persistent difficulties associated with such “spot testing” are noted and may contribute to replacement of corresponding assets in our tracking indices.

4) Ease of transaction / network activity and capacity: Our team also examines whether transactions involving each of the included CBFA are seamless. Persistent problems, delays, or frozen transactions constitute “red flags” and may lead to asset removal from the index.

5) Tradeability / wallet functionality: Assets tracked by our indices must be readily exchanged for Bitcoin to ensure liquidity and seamless transactions. Likewise, well-functioning, secure wallet availability is critical to the maintenance of the overall transaction network.


EWMCI  holds positions in many of the financial and cryptocurrency assets  included in our model indices. We do not offer financial products based  on these assets, nor do we advocate for or against holding any of the  index components.

Our  financial model(s) are provided for informational and educational  purposes only, and individuals who use these model(s) do so by their own  choice, and at their own risk. 

Overall,  there is significant financial risk involved in holding CBFA, and  individuals considering investing in such assets should first educate  themselves (and/or seek appropriate financial advice) before undertaking  any potential risks. 

Some educational resources are available [here] and [here].  We emphasize that loss of principal and asset volatility are major  risks, and should not be discounted by potential investors.